About Me

Welcome to my website. Hi, I am Rosa and I love dogs and cats.

I’ve always loved dogs and cats. But dogs seem to bond with you better than cats do. That’s what IMy Little Girl appreciate about dogs.

My sister’s little terror, Girlie, gets a bit too excited as I enter the door whenever I come for a visit. She is such a sweet little dog. Loves to lay on her back just to get her little belly rubbed.

As sweet as Girlie is she loves to play with socks and tear up other items in the house. Her behavior can be an issue sometimes. Despite her behavior, she loves the attention I give her and the love. Dog owners interact with their dogs every day, but sometimes due to the dog’s behavior that relationship can become stressed between the dog and the owner.

I remember a time my son brought home a little dog, looked like a rottweiler-pit bull mix, or maybe a bulldog mix. He was a cute puppy and a busy little guy. He’d run across the rooms racing through each room that we had to clear the way otherwise he’d knock you off your feet. In the beginning, we were entertained by that, then eventually it became a problem. We could not get him in control and we also had problems with him urinating in the house.

At that time we did not know about the dog training guide.

Recently I heard a dog trainer say that thousands of dogs are being put down or euthanized because of the problems that exist with dogs in this country. That is so sad!

Dogs are awesome pets and a man’s best friend. I think they are the most faithful friend to man and should be treated with plenty of love and care and as part of the family.

If you ever need any feedback, I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure to visit my site regularly as I am always updating it.

I wish you all the best with your dog training and thank you for stopping by.