How To Help A Fearful Dog

A fearful dog is what many people misunderstand, but sadly, in trying toA Fearful Dog make things better for their dogs, they actually make it worse. Fearful dogs are nearly always lacking strong pack leaders, and their owners are often the kindest and gentlest people who want nothing more than to see their dog live a life of happy, fun and free. Continue reading “How To Help A Fearful Dog”

Tips To Dog Training

You brought home a new dog and you decide you want to teach your dog the basic training of commands to tricks and tasks.Tips To Dog Training

In order to achieve the results you want it is critical to understand the few real keys to dog training, whether to teach the command to sit, stop barking, train your dog to come when called, or any other behavior and develop the long lasting bond between you and your dog. Continue reading “Tips To Dog Training”

Learn How To Be The Pack Leader

The most common question a dog owner asks is “how to be the packLearn How To Be The Pack Leader leader?” You want to understand how to convince your dog that you are the one in charge. Think of yourself as the pack leader, the decision maker: where you should go on the walk, how to behave in certain situations, or respond to all the strange things out there.

When you understand how to be the pack leader you are going to realize that the following means nothing to a dog…

What car you drive, the size of your house, the money you earn or the fact that you speak different languages! I am sure your dog would be very happy to swap all of that for a nice meaty snack! Continue reading “Learn How To Be The Pack Leader”

The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths – Busted!

There is a vast amount of information on the internet about dog trainingThe 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths these days. As you browse the net you probably become confused with all the conflicting stuff. And most of it is absolutely nonsense.

In this article, I want to set the record straight and take a look at the most common training myths. Continue reading “The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths – Busted!”

Coming Home To Destruction – Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone At Home?

Often times you hear of stories about dog owners coming home only toComing Home To Destruction Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone At Home find complete destruction. Holes dug in the garden or on your best couch, tables are chewed including your beautiful rugs, mess, and destruction everywhere. The scary part is that you get a notice from your neighbors complaining that your dog is destroying the yard and barking consistently for the last few days and if you do not fix the problem you will be faced with a fine of $300.

But the strange thing is when you step back into your home your dog stops trashing the place and there is never any barking.

You could only assume that you have a completely different dog in the house when you are gone. You’d be surprised how many people are unaware that their own dogs are barking all the time when they are not there. Continue reading “Coming Home To Destruction – Afraid To Leave Your Dog Alone At Home?”

How Do I Stop My Dog From…!

Have you ever found yourself desperately trying to stop your dog from doing something on the leash but they are too excited to listen?

Most often it is a nightmare! Dog owners are shouting and they’re dragging their dogs, while people are watching wondering why you don’t do something about it. In the meantime, your dog is barking, jumping and spinning out of control trying to get free. And you are trying your best to stop them and control the situation but it is not working!

First of all, you are not alone and there is good news… Continue reading “How Do I Stop My Dog From…!”

Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person

People have asked me about signing up for an online dog training websiteDog Trainer In Person and whether this would be a good investment or whether they are better off investing to a professional trainer in person.

This is a good question. I believe there are four key areas to consider:

1. Cost

2. Quality of the solution

3. Training’s Ease of use

4. Support

You may possibly be surprised by the answers…So let’s get into it. Continue reading “Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person”

Best Way To Train A Dominant Dog

You’re out on a walk with your dog and your heart sinks because you seeBest Way To Train A Dominant Dog another dog coming and your loving dominant dog may try to leave a mark on the approaching dog. And you worry how badly this could go!

Even though the other dog is on a leash you are aware of some trouble if they come too close, so you try to figure out a strategy to leave…

Then suddenly before you know it your dog is pulling like a mad dog with his hair on the back of his neck rising. Continue reading “Best Way To Train A Dominant Dog”

The Best Way To Introduce Dogs

A big problem people experience on the walk is the over excited dogs andBest Way To Introduce Dogs they try to introduce them to other dogs on the leash.

All breeds from Great Danes to Chihuahua’s can get so excited they cannot control themselves. It becomes frustrating when they try to meet other dogs and they practically pull you over and drag you along. It can be scary, dangerous, and embarrassing until you feel out of control and at the mercy of your dog. Continue reading “The Best Way To Introduce Dogs”

How To Maximize Using Food Treats

Do you know someone who has a dog that listens only when food is givenMaximize Dog Treats to him? Or worse, a dog that does not listen even when food is offered.

Sometimes it may seem the only way to get your dog to listen is to bribe him, which does not feel right. But there is good news that it does not have to be this way and as you will see in this article it is not difficult.

Food treats is a powerful tool as I discussed in my previous article

Here are some simple tricks from the leading dog trainer, Doggy Dan, using his way of training and motivation for dogs. Continue reading “How To Maximize Using Food Treats”