Barking Dogs

Many neighborhoods have barking dogs. I’m sure you may live in one.
It can get pretty annoying at times and be frustrating not to be able to stop the dogs barking.Barking Dogs

But there’s a reason why dogs bark. People tried various methods to try to stop their dogs from barking such as an electric collar, shouting, throwing a chain on the floor or tapping their noses but it doesn’t seem to work.

Doggy Dan from The Online Dog Trainer can show you how to convince the dog that there is no need to bark. The process is very simple. He uses the gentle and natural way in working with dogs. It is not complicated or tricky, it is just straightforward.

Dan does not use force, fear or the use of the electric collars, in fact, he is against these methods. He uses the simple method that dogs understand and responds to.

Separation Anxiety

Separation AnxietyA dog left alone may show signs of stress such as chewing, barking, digging excessively or whine. Dogs that become stressed are said to suffer from “separation anxiety”.

While you are away at work or school, a dog feels the responsibility to protect you, not because he misses you. A dog views itself as a pack leader and has taken the responsibility of protecting you.

Take for example the mother who feels the responsibility of protecting her child. How would the mother feel if she saw her child walking down the street when she is locked up inside the house! She would no doubt panic.

So if your dog barks and try to grab your leg in the attempt to stop you from leaving, they’re simply trying to make you stay ‘with the pack’ where they can protect you.

The solution is simple. You just need to show your dog that he is not responsible for your safety and the dog can relax, at home even while you are away.

Pulling on the Leash

Have you ever had your dog go crazy on you when you pick up the keys or put on your special shoes youDog Pulling On The Leash use for walking or the lead?

I remember awhile back I attempted to walk a dog we cared for awhile. I lead him out of the pin with a leash and he tugged, pulling me that I had to hold on as hard as I could to keep from being dragged.

As frustrating and worried as I was hoping not to get my arm pulled out of my socket trying to walk the dog, I’m sure people in the neighborhood were wondering as the dog pulled going the street, who’s taking who for a walk?

Doggy Dan uses the gentlest method and the proper tool to train and work with your dog to solve your dog walking problem. When you pick up the leash to take your dog for a walk, the messages you give your dog before you leave the house is what’s very important and instrumental in changing your dog’s behavior.

The traditional way of dog training uses the method of jerking the dog backward which does not work well and it’s a slow process in getting your results. Your dog does not know what you want and does not understand. Basically, by pulling back on the dog he’s going to pull forward and it becomes a game.

Dan’s methods are simple, he is gentle on the dogs and the dogs respond quickly.


Many dog owners build 8 foot high fences to stop determine dogs from escaping. This does not always work. It didn’t for my sister while she was at work. They searched for days and never found her.

So why does your dog escape?

To find the owner
The most common reason a dog trying to escape is likely your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. This happens when the owner is away from home.

Now, if your dog is trying to escape while you are at home then the behavior issue is not likely to be caused by separation anxiety. You need to look for other signs of stress.

Do Getting Away From SomethingTo get away from something

There are various reasons why a dog is wanting to get out of the property. The dog may be wanting to get out because it is trying to escape from something frightening them. It could be wanting to get away from a noisy lawnmower or a child that is screaming in the house.

Something it likes to do
Dogs like to play, so it may want to get out because there is another dog it wants to play with. It could be bored or just desperate to run!

Dan worked with people who have escaping dogs and who have tried all they could to the point of exhaustion to keep their dogs from escaping but their dogs still try to get out. The problem is they’re missing a very important part to a happy dog.

Puppy Training

So, when is the best time to start training a puppy?

Right now! A puppy is never too young to start learning the rules. Training your dog when it’s still a puppy can save you a huge amount of money, stress and time when the puppy becomes a dog.

Just like a new-born baby, puppies start to learn from the day they are born. If you give the puppy the right signals they can learn quickly and get things right.

Aggressive Dogs

Let me ask you, does your dog listens to you when it behaves a certain way and you try to show it another way to behave?

Dogs simply make their own decisions and will not listen to you because what he is doing is too important to him. Their aggression is always to protect their pack and their own lives.

If you want to stop dog aggression then you need your dog to first look to you as the pack leader in the home. This is important. There are some great video sections in The Online Dog Trainer that show you how to become the pack leader.

Fearful Dogs

Fearful DogsThe saddest thing to see a scared dog in a corner trembling with fear looking unhappy. They simply look uncomfortable, they run away or attack if they feel threatened.

Some dogs are scared of the water, noisy lawnmowers, toasters or just rooms in the house.

A young woman I knew had a little dog that was afraid of thunder. Each time a storm came and the sounding boom of thunder, her dog would run to the corner of the room and shiver. Even if she tried to give comfort, her dog would not leave the corner.

The great news is that dogs can be helped. We can make their lives so much happier by showing them there is nothing to fear.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal opinion about this article, leave a comment below.

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