Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person

People have asked me about signing up for an online dog training websiteDog Trainer In Person and whether this would be a good investment or whether they are better off investing to a professional trainer in person.

This is a good question. I believe there are four key areas to consider:

1. Cost

2. Quality of the solution

3. Training’s Ease of use

4. Support

You may possibly be surprised by the answers…So let’s get into it. Continue reading “Online Dog Trainer vs Dog Trainer in Person”

Best Way To Train A Dominant Dog

You’re out on a walk with your dog and your heart sinks because you seeBest Way To Train A Dominant Dog another dog coming and your loving dominant dog may try to leave a mark on the approaching dog. And you worry how badly this could go!

Even though the other dog is on a leash you are aware of some trouble if they come too close, so you try to figure out a strategy to leave…

Then suddenly before you know it your dog is pulling like a mad dog with his hair on the back of his neck rising. Continue reading “Best Way To Train A Dominant Dog”

The Best Way To Introduce Dogs

A big problem people experience on the walk is the over excited dogs andBest Way To Introduce Dogs they try to introduce them to other dogs on the leash.

All breeds from Great Danes to Chihuahua’s can get so excited they cannot control themselves. It becomes frustrating when they try to meet other dogs and they practically pull you over and drag you along. It can be scary, dangerous, and embarrassing until you feel out of control and at the mercy of your dog. Continue reading “The Best Way To Introduce Dogs”

Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash

Have you ever been pulled down the street by your dog while out for aStop Pulling On Leash walk? Well, that happened to me…in fact, while we were caring for a friend’s dog, I tried taking the dog for a walk and he yanked on the leash pulling me down the street…I think the neighbors may have wondered who’s walking who?

Walking your dog should be a joy to you and your dog. Instead millions of people find themselves having to endure their walk with their dog. So why not train your dog to walk by your side without the pulling and the tugging?

The great thing is that it is not complicated to train your dog. Of course, sometimes it takes time and effort but not always that long. Sometimes it can take only 5 minutes. Continue reading “Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash”

Best Online Dog Training Guide – STEP-BY-STEP Secrets To An Obedient Dog

If you’re a dog lover and want your dog to be well behaved, and you want to learnBest Online Dog Training Guide how to train your dog, then you need to read The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan.

I only wished we had this Dog Training Guide when we brought home our puppy, Dino. We experienced the joy and bonding with Dino but we also became frustrated with him tearing up personal items and urinating everywhere in the house.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have this guide or much resources for dog training then. Continue reading “Best Online Dog Training Guide – STEP-BY-STEP Secrets To An Obedient Dog”