How to Stop Dog Barking.

Some dogs are seem to be very hostile while they are around other dogs or other people. They tries to attack and chase even if they are small dogs. These dogs doesn’t have friends at all. If a small dog behaves like this with the larger dogs it can bring a big trouble. Because that dog is initiating attack on the other dog.

Barking is natural instinct of dogs. But mostly when dog barks he tries to protect us from danger. Thats why some dogs bark for the whole night. That can be a territorial barking. They thinks as a pack leader that the car coming by the road or a jogger or even other dog is trying to attack. So it’s not something that dogs need to do to be happy. It’s his aggression, thats what he feels and express.

Some dogs bark uncontrollably every time when they are around another dogs or people. Dogs bark for different reasons. When dog’s barking excessively, that can be a sign of aggression, stress, and anxiety or over excitement and many of the times these emotions doesn’t seem good for your dog and for you.

Each time you’re away from home your dog barks and this situation sometimes creates trouble. You have no idea that this has been a problem until the neighbours or worse you get a visit from the dog control officer. Or sometimes the situation gets even worst when your dog doesn’t allow anyone to come near to your home or nearby you.

Understanding The Behaviour.

The key is to understand why your dog is barking so you can actually deal with the cause of the dog’s problem and not just treat the symptoms. For this we have to see the situation through the dog’s eyes.

Your dog is a pack animal and they understand that there are only leaders and followers. They also understand that it’s a pack leader’s job to protect the pack. Now you need to become more assertive to show the dog that you are the pack leader to overcome dog’s barking.

So when everyone leaves the house to go to work or to school your dog is left alone at home and he become stressed. Your dog panics because he feels he has lost his pack, therefore he becomes agitated or stressed and barks. Your dog is trying to call you back. He’s just trying to do his job.

Dogs are not human, they are designed and created to protect human. They consider their owner as a family member and are filled with emotions to protect them and their boundaries.

See through the eyes of dog.

Let’s suppose you are a parent of small kid and your job is to protect that kid against any danger and to keep him safe and sound. In this case you always keep an eye on him and make sure that he is safe and protected. Now if the child goes away from your eyes, may be he goes outside of the house and locks the door. You will panic. You will chase him and try to bring him back safely. So It would be very difficult to sit and and relax while your kid is out on the streets alone.

It is also important to note that for how long the dog will remain in the feeling of unprotected? When you are out the dog will become more and more worried. He isn’t happy. He doesn’t understand your responsibilities. The only thing that can bring him calm and relax is when you’re around him. Sometimes dogs become more exited to see you after a full day and remains in excitement for the whole time.

So what’s the solution? Well, you may give your dog a bone or a dog toy in hope that he will be distracted about you leaving. This may work for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. However, using this method only treats the symptoms.

The goal here is to treat the problem long term.

The solution is very simple.

In your dog’s eyes, you need to be the pack leader.

You Need To Become More Assertive.

Here you need to establish a powerful relationship with your dog where you’ll establish yourself as a pack leader. Where you will make him realise that you are the power to hold on him. It’s your responsibility to protect him from any danger. And when you are with him he doesn’t need to worry about you.

Tips You Can Use As A Pack Leader.

  • Dogs need lot of exercise this make them more productive. Exercise keeps them more calm and balance the behaviour changes. If you can take your dog for a walk before you leave it will be a positive effect. First dog will adopt a habit of going with you and also starts to understand the reaction or responsibility of this treat to stay at home. It will help to balance the behaviour at the same time.
  • Always leave water and food and make sure your dog is warm and fed.
  • Leave the music and T.V on low volume that makes your dog feel the presence of people around him. So the T.V will help him distracted and relaxed.
  • Use Dog Walkers: You can hire someone to take your dog out for a walk in mid of day. This will help your dog become more calm in the evening and also helpful for a potty break.
  • A calm goodbye: Leave him calm while you go away. It’s better to train him for good bye. You can say good bye as many time until the dog stays calm and relaxed.

What Makes The Dog More Aggressive To Bark:

  • Eye contact with dog or looking at your dog makes him more exited. So when the dog is trying to bark at someone try to distract his attention and avoid him giving your attention.
  • When someone comes near you, and you look at your dog it makes him more special. He takes the attention and use your energy and power to bark at someone. Now you need to ignore him. Try to realise him by distracting him that he is not the authority, and he does not need to worry about it.

When dog sees a stranger, and we say no no no calm down. We become nervous. Dogs feel the behaviour immediately and feels like his owner is in danger. So you need to realise him at that moment that it’s normal. By just distraction and not looking at the dog.

When the dog sees any stranger don’t move or talk to stranger at a sudden. Just keep relax and present that moment to your dog and make him a little bit use to with him. Then when you see the situation is under control then talk to the stranger. If the dog responds to the stranger try to distract him with a slight body touch or with your voice.

  • If there is no stranger but there is a machine or something generating a lot of noise and you need to pass through it with your dog. So first you need to present him with the machine without sound. So your dog can understand its machine and not going to attack him. Its good to take your dog near to that machine while it is not making sound. This is the calm moment for your dog before the machine produce the noise. So he gets used to the noise before the movement of machine.
  • So here our goal is when the dog hears the sound he should stay calm. And the second goal is when the machine moves with sound, the dog still stays calm. So before you bring the excitement you need to keep him calm and easy.
  • Sometimes when the dog sees a toy or someone, he becomes so exited. So if that person goes away the dog all the time looks toward the door. His attention is grabbed by the door all the time. So in this situation you need to disengage his attention in the presence of that person or toy. One persons grabs the attention of dog while the other sit near to the dog. With this practice the excitement will become the lowest point.

If it is a ball or toy and you try to hide it from dog. Keeping it away saying no no. It will boost the excitement. He knows you have the toy. He knows you are trying to hide that toy. The dog thinks you want to play with him. So place the toy near to the dog and distract his attention. Become more assertive and walk around the toy with dog. So these are the trick to overcome the excitement and aggression of dog.

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