Should You Use Food To Train Your Dog

Should You Use Food To Train Your DogWhen training your dog have you asked yourself is using food cheating? Will your dog be more responsive to you only when you give him or her a treat?

Using food is a powerful tool, a method many people are not clear in their minds and yet it is a powerful method to understand when used properly and simple to master.

To understand how to train a dog using treats and when to use it as food to train your dog, the best advice is from a professional dog trainer, not from other dog owners in the park. Continue reading “Should You Use Food To Train Your Dog”

Stop Your Dogs Digging – Training Tips

So why are dogs constantly digging? Why do they destroy property and howStop Your Dog Digging can we stop them from digging in a beautiful garden, or the yard.

Let’s Consider The Way Your Dog See’s It

The way your dog see’s it is very different from how you think. It is important to understand that.

First, you need to realize what your dog’s digging is not. Their digging is not an attempt to annoy you or ruin your garden out of spite.

Dogs are not like that… Continue reading “Stop Your Dogs Digging – Training Tips”

Are You The Pack Leader Your Dog Wants You To Be?

In this article, I want to explain about two key facts about your dog…Be The Pack Leader

The first is I want to look at whether or not you really need to be the pack leader.

And the second is whether the pack leader really needs to use force to get the dog to listen to him? I mean really, is it necessary to beat your chest, shout and smack your dog in order for your dog to obey?

The answer to these two questions could change your relationship with your dog, almost instantly and forever. Continue reading “Are You The Pack Leader Your Dog Wants You To Be?”

How To Stop Aggression In Dogs

If you want to understand how to stop aggression in dogs you need to askHow To Stop Aggression In Dogs yourself two questions!

First, are YOU subconsciously encouraging aggression with your dog simply by joining in? Secondly, does your dog listen to you just before it behaves the way it does when you try to fix the problem? Continue reading “How To Stop Aggression In Dogs”

How To Get Your Puppy To Come At The Park

The simplest thing you would think is to get your puppy to come..theyPuppy Walk At The Park would come to your feet, then you reward them and that should be it.

For most people, that will not be the case…

Instead, we go off chasing our puppies or dogs throughout the park with leash in hands, shouting out their name as they run from us. At times it seems that the only way to get our puppies or dog to come is to get in the car and wait until they get tired and want to go home. Continue reading “How To Get Your Puppy To Come At The Park”

Learn To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Have you ever found yourself completely confused by the interacting dogDogs Body Language behavior as your dog communicates with another dog?

Sometimes it can be frustrating not knowing whether to go in and stop your dog’s activity or let go on.

Most people misread their dog’s behavior and yet it’s actually quite simple when you know how! Knowing whether your dog is happy playing or feeling distressed makes a big difference to how they socialize with other dogs. Continue reading “Learn To Read Your Dog’s Body Language”

Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer Review

Overview – Excellent Product, Great Value For Your Money

Before I get into this review I have to say this product is simply THE BESTDog Training Program dog and puppy training program online. The content is excellent with new live footage being added frequently.

The Online Dog Trainer is the fastest dog training solution available online created by Doggy Dan. Honestly, I’m amazed that there’s so much being offered in this course that would cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere.

Let me explain some of the things that make this product so good and very unique. Continue reading “Doggy Dan’s Online Trainer Review”

Puppy Toilet Training Tips – How To Stop Your Puppy From Urinating in The House

Is there anything worse?Puppy Toilet Training Tips

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you notice is the smell of dog poop! You come out of your bedroom and your puppy is playing around his poo! yuck!

Is there anything more frustrating! Continue reading “Puppy Toilet Training Tips – How To Stop Your Puppy From Urinating in The House”

Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash

Have you ever been pulled down the street by your dog while out for aStop Pulling On Leash walk? Well, that happened to me…in fact, while we were caring for a friend’s dog, I tried taking the dog for a walk and he yanked on the leash pulling me down the street…I think the neighbors may have wondered who’s walking who?

Walking your dog should be a joy to you and your dog. Instead millions of people find themselves having to endure their walk with their dog. So why not train your dog to walk by your side without the pulling and the tugging?

The great thing is that it is not complicated to train your dog. Of course, sometimes it takes time and effort but not always that long. Sometimes it can take only 5 minutes. Continue reading “Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash”

How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog

If you’ve been around people with dogs there would be a lot of talk aboutTurn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog raising a puppy to be the perfect dog. It’s a dream we all want but the question is…does a perfect dog exist?

Just as humans are not perfect, a perfect dog does not exist.

However, there are some amazing people out there, and there are some amazing dogs too. So, what’s the trick? Continue reading “How To Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog”