Puppy Toilet Training Tips – How To Stop Your Puppy From Urinating in The House

Is there anything worse?Puppy Toilet Training Tips

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you notice is the smell of dog poop! You come out of your bedroom and your puppy is playing around his poo! yuck!

Is there anything more frustrating!

Puppy Toilet Training

You take your puppy or 1-year old dog out to pee-pee. After they go pee-pee you return back inside. Within seconds of coming back inside your dog decides, he needs to go again but this time he goes over your new rug.

Some dog owners find that toilet training a puppy or dog is one of the most frustrating and annoying things to do especially for new owners.

But it’s really not that difficult.

The difference is how much time and dedication you put into coaching your puppy. And the thing is…there are a lot of little tricks of puppy toilet training that will turn your puppy around and you are probably not using most of them.


The problem is that most people do not do any of these things because they have not been told about these simple tricks. It has never been explained how important these little things are in toilet training your puppy.

5 Simple Steps

These simple tricks are not difficult or complicated.

1. Stay calm:

First, you need to keep in mind that you are responsible for training yourTraining Your Puppy puppy. Like training a young child or baby to use a potty. You can not take your frustrations out on them if they are not toilet trained.

Being annoyed and shouting at your puppy will not encourage them to be relaxed and follow your commands to pee-pee outside.

Just imagine you trying to go to the toilet with an angry person standing there staring at you!

So, rubbing your dog’s nose in their pee to show them not to do it there again is nonsense. It does not work. People doing this sort of stuff completely missed the point.

Think about it…

Why do you suppose your puppy pee-peed in the house?

Because they needed to go.

After all, they have been holding it all day, they’re probably at the point of bursting, needed to go and they know they gotta go pee-pee…like right NOW!

And if the door is shut, then what do you expect?

So, you come home, find the mess and out of frustration after a bad day, you rub your puppy’s nose in it…they are still not sure where they are supposed to go.

Basically what you are doing when you are yelling at your puppy for going pee-pee in front of the couch is you are telling him to go somewhere else…

But they are still not sure where they are supposed to go!

The next step, you need to show them. You need to train them.

2. Remain focused on the goal:

After people start toilet training their puppy the biggest mistake they make is taking their eyes off the goal and stop toilet training too soon. Their poor puppy goes back to getting it wrong and they get yelled at…

The secret is…Toilet Training Your Puppy

Keep rewarding your puppy with treats every time they go pee-pee in the right place. For a long time!

Reward them immediately after they finish, not 30 minutes later. It should be within 2 seconds, otherwise, the connection to the pee-pee they just did will be lost and the dog will not get it.

Your puppy finally gets it and he thinks…”So if I pee-pee on the grass you give me the most amazing treat?” “Ok…Deal!”

One little tip I heard from a 40-minute toilet training audio is to leave a jar with treats outside by the pee-pee area so that even if you forget to take treats out with you there are some at hand.

3. How long will it take:

Keep in mind puppies are still young and small. Like young children, they are still learning and it takes time.

Potty training your puppy takes TIME and PATIENCE! Sometimes it takes 3 years or more for a young child.

If you remain consistent, it will become easy for you to train the puppy or dog.

So relax and focus on the success.

4. The rug:

I’m going to give you a little tip I heard from that toilet training audio I mentioned earlier.

Your puppy discovers a nice thick rug, not the carpet. The rug feels a bit like grass and looks like a good spot to go pee-pee. They go pee-pee or worse poo-poo!

You discovered your puppy has gone on your new, thick, white shag rug and it’s very hard to get the stains and smell out of it.

Even when you have it carefully cleaned, your puppy can still pick up the smell of pee or poo, so now it smells like a good place to go.

Now your beautiful expensive white shag rug is a very costly toilet mat!

The secret. Pick up your rug and put it away for 6 months while it still in perfect condition.

5. Education is everything:

There are so many things to think about in toilet training and you probably will not think of them all on your own.

The best place I found by far to get all the tips about dog and puppy training including toilet training is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer.

Dan even offers a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that YOU can take advantage of, so I suggest you take a look at inside the site today!

Inside the site, you get over 250 videos including a whole section with an amazing 40-minute recording on toilet training your puppy. This website covers everything that you could possibly want to know.

Here are some tips to give you so you can get an idea of what’s inside.

– Those tricky times. What to do during the night and what you need to do to prevent accidents when you are at work. How long to leave them and what to leave them with.

– Setting your puppy up to win so that they cannot make mistakes.

– Why some older puppies relapse at 4 months old and why you need to get them back on track.

– Older dogs. Why much older dogs suddenly start going in the house and what to do to stop it.

– Habit Breaking. How to break an old habit if your puppy is going pee-pee all over the house.

– Crate training. Everything you need to know about crate training your puppy if you choose to use this method.

You get all the tips and advice on every topic on toilet training such as cleaning up the mess, feeding, watering and toilet schedules.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this topic. If you are struggling and want to end the frustration now then I strongly suggest you take a look at Doggy Dan’s site The Online Dog Trainer and check out the Toilet Training section.

Dan offers you the 3 Day $1 trial of the site HERE.
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I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

26 thoughts on “Puppy Toilet Training Tips – How To Stop Your Puppy From Urinating in The House”

  1. Hi Rosa those are some great tips to follow when trying to potty train your dog or puppy. We adopted a 6 month old puppy from the Humane Society that was not housebroken. She was actually adopted when she was around 3 months old and then 3 months later returned. The fella said she was barking all day and using the house as a toilet.
    We got her as a companion for our dobie who had recently lost her buddy.
    Our dobie has a bladder like a thimble so she has to go out a lot. Everytime she went out so did the pup. As you said treats work great.
    She only had two accidents in the house. The first one since we hadn’t had her that long I did not pick up on her signal and the second time her and the dobie were running around like crazy and poop just came flying out of her. We had a good laugh at that.
    You are so right when you say toilet training your fur baby is not that hard but it does take time, patience and consistency.
    Obviously the fella that had her did not have these three traits. She has turned into a wonderful addition to the family.

    1. Hi Maureen,

      I am so happy to hear about your new pup. I also had a little laugh of your puppy’s incident. I thought that funny.

      Great job on your little pup. I wish you all the best.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. I like your tip about putting away the rugs! Makes so much sense. Rather then hoping they won’t get peed on, just put them away! I have not had a puppy in a long time. When I was young, I remember my dad stuffing our pups nose in its poop or pee, and I always thought it was rude. Dogs are so much more receptive to positive reinforcement. I would say it is much better to set a time for maybe 30 minutes to an hour and take them outside every time the timer goes off. Then reward them when they go tot the bathroom outside.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      That’s right Andrea. I agree. Setting a time 30 minutes to an hour or timing your puppy when it goes is what Doggy Dan recommends. Then reward them immediately right after it’s done with it’s toilet.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. I too am a dog lover and agree there is no substitute for spending time with your puppy and offering rewards for good behavior. I get angry at people who get puppies
    who have no time to spend with them. Excellent job on a difficult subject. It would be helpful if you could recommend some tips on maintaining your cool when you step in a pile of poo bare foot first thing in the morning.

    1. Hi Larry,

      I agree with you about people not bothering to spend time with their puppy or dog for that matter in training them.

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

  4. Toilet training for my new Chihuahua puppy has been a nightmare! I have been keeping her in a crate and every 2 hours taking her outside, but she continues to go in the crate and in the house. When we’re outside I give her a lot of praise when she goes pee. I don’t know what else to do, it’s not working. I’ll will probably be trying your Doggy Dan training recommendation for $1. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Have you tried giving her a treat along with a praise right after she pee? Maybe a little piece of chicken?

      Depending on each puppy, it may take time before the puppy is toilet trained. Just a little patience and consistancy and she will eventually get it. You’ll do great! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  5. More often then not, the best way to get a puppy properly trained is very simple. You have to first train the puppy owner!

    That’s right. When you decide to spend money on getting your dog/puppy trained, say, at PetSmart, what you are actually paying for is getting you trained on the proper what to handle your pet. Once you are trained, than you are armed and equipped to train your puppy.

    Training your pet is not difficult, at all. But, you have to know how. So, go get yourself trained right along with your pup, and life should be very good at that point.

    1. Hi SanShar,

      You are correct. Unless you understand your pet’s mind and the method of training then you will not be able to get your dog trained.

      Thank you for your comments. Have a great day!

  6. We got our two puppies at 8 weeks and it has been a long haul to get them both potty trained. We bought a crate and luckily only one of the pups ever pooped in it with no wees at all.
    Keeping the pups contained in a room where you can watch them is an asset. Open plan living is a nightmare with puppies, they have so many little nooks and crannies they can hide in and leave messages!
    They have outgrown their crate so we bought another larger one to house the two dogs at night.

    They were sort of trained within a few weeks with constant taking outside, treating for an event and forever checking. We had to get up in the night for the first month, then they went through to 6am from 11pm the previous night. Now at nearly 6 months, they go to bed at 11ish and start whining at about 7:30am.

    The pups are yorkie x bichon and we were told yorkie’s are the worst to train with bichons close behind. Having two didn’t help! Diligence makes the process quicker and having a garden or outside space. I feel for you if you’re in a flat or highrise. It must be a really stressful time. Great post, thanks. Ches

    1. Hi Ches,

      Sounds like you’re having some progress. You are correct, it takes a little time but with diligence you will progress and eventually succeed. Keep up the good work.

      Thank you so much for your comments.

  7. 🙂 i love dogs, but we could use some advices about how their training… dogs are like babies, full of energy and you have to do everything for them. I think the first year is very challenging because you have to teach him so many things… i agree with you when you talk about the patience we need to have. thank you for the tips, great post

    1. Hi Roxen,

      Thank you so much for your comment. You are absolutely right…’puppies are babies’ in the first year and that should help the owners to understand their dogs. Just like a baby, dogs should be trained and can learn obedience while they are young.

      I appreciate your comment. Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for these helpful tips.

    I just got a puppy and let me tell you its a real headache cleaning up endless piles of poop all day everyday. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    This morning I woke up, and on my way to the bathroom I stepped in a giant turd pile from hell. I was so angry. To say I ‘flew into a violent fit of rage’ is putting it lightly.

    I’m going to implement some of these ideas into my training, and hopefully I see some good results. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Derek,

      I remember when we woke up one morning to a number of poop mounds under our bed. That was a bit disgusting!

      I trully hope by implementing these tips will solve your problem. Just be persistant and patient each and every day and your puppy will eventually get it. Let me know how it goes.

      Thank your for your comment.

  9. Staying calm is easier said than done! My first dog was a breeze, she ended up being a 45 pound mixed breed. It only took about two weeks to get her potty trained with only a handful of accidents.

    My second dog was a small breed yorkie poo, and it felt like she took forever. Is that a common trend, taking longer for smaller breeds?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Yorkies are known to have a stubborn temperament which is why it may take a little longer to house train a yorkie but they also have intelligence that they can learn new things.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!

  10. Really great information. It is very frustrating training a pup, and even more so with an older dog. Do you have any suggestions on training older dogs? I have 3 dogs in the house. 2 are trained and one I can not train at all. It is a pomeranian. Do you have any thoughts on how to train a stubborn dog? Thanks again for your post, I did learn a few things I did not know.

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      The great thing about Doggy Dan’s Dog Training is that it provides potty training for all Breeds of dogs including older dogs. It covers everything you need to know. I hope this helps.

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. Have a rgeat day!

  11. Hey there,
    this is some great information for training your dog! There is a lot to be learned about training. I do have a question though. Will these techniques also, work for older dogs or solely puppies?

  12. Wow, I didn’t know that I knew so little! A few of the techniques you talked about will be put into use and I really appreciate having this website as a resource!

  13. Good afternoon Rosa,

    Oh dear me. I still remember when I started with Zahor as a puppy, he did pee on an old carpet, not funny at all. You are right, one should try and stay calm, not always so easy.
    I am lucky to live in an 180-year-old farmhouse in the south of Spain where there is a lot of space for dogs and cats. I often had boys, they are really handsful so I decided to have a girl instead. I went to the dog shelter and got 1-year-old Cindy, a Rottweiler mix and the kindest dog you can imagine. She has been like a mother to all my rescued baby cats. She sees me as her boss, there is no doubt about that. Her tail goes wild when she sees me putting on my garden boots as she knows she will have some lovely hours watching me slaving away in the garden. Your website is so important as many people have to live in cities where good dog behavior is mandatory.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,

      I appreciate you stopping by to check out my website. I’m so happy for you and your new dog. I’m glad you found this article helpful. I hope the tips in this post gives you some ideas to work with your dogs?

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment.

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