How To Maximize Using Food Treats

Do you know someone who has a dog that listens only when food is givenMaximize Dog Treats to him? Or worse, a dog that does not listen even when food is offered.

Sometimes it may seem the only way to get your dog to listen is to bribe him, which does not feel right. But there is good news that it does not have to be this way and as you will see in this article it is not difficult.

Food treats is a powerful tool as I discussed in my previous article

Here are some simple tricks from the leading dog trainer, Doggy Dan, using his way of training and motivation for dogs. Continue reading “How To Maximize Using Food Treats”

Should You Use Food To Train Your Dog

Should You Use Food To Train Your DogWhen training your dog have you asked yourself is using food cheating? Will your dog be more responsive to you only when you give him or her a treat?

Using food is a powerful tool, a method many people are not clear in their minds and yet it is a powerful method to understand when used properly and simple to master.

To understand how to train a dog using treats and when to use it as food to train your dog, the best advice is from a professional dog trainer, not from other dog owners in the park. Continue reading “Should You Use Food To Train Your Dog”