Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash

Have you ever been pulled down the street by your dog while out for aStop Pulling On Leash walk? Well, that happened to me…in fact, while we were caring for a friend’s dog, I tried taking the dog for a walk and he yanked on the leash pulling me down the street…I think the neighbors may have wondered who’s walking who?

Walking your dog should be a joy to you and your dog. Instead millions of people find themselves having to endure their walk with their dog. So why not train your dog to walk by your side without the pulling and the tugging?

The great thing is that it is not complicated to train your dog. Of course, sometimes it takes time and effort but not always that long. Sometimes it can take only 5 minutes.

Expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan demonstrate in his video below:

Key Mistakes

There are some key mistakes you may be making when walking your dog on the leash. If you have a stubborn dog (they come in all sizes), you need to be sure you know all the tricks that you need to master before starting your walk with your dog.


The most important thing to remember is to keep your dog calm. If your dog is charged up and excited as you head to the door, then getting your dog to walk calmly on the leash is going to be very hard.

So how do we calm them down?

Calming Technique

What happens when you pick up the leash? Your dog jumps from their sleep, tail wagging, racing with excitement waiting for you to put the leash on and ready to head out the door! Now if you oblige and put the leash on them they will get even more excited.

You are simply supporting their excited behavior which eventually will become a bigger problem.

Next time you pick up the leash take your time, simply wait for your dog to calm down. If they don’t calm down simply put the leash away or set it on the table. Ignore your dog’s antics and carry on doing what you were doing. Pick up the leash again and if your dog is still not calmed yet then put the leash back down.

Attempt this several times, however long it takes. It may take a little while but if you stick with it by waiting for your dog to calm down your dog will eventually get the message.

Switch Direction

When you start your walk look at which way your dog heads. If your dogSwitching Direction wants to go right, then you turn left. Take a step to the left and repeat this until your dog actually pays attention to what you are doing.

You need to do this early, don’t wait until your dog is miles ahead of you. By doing this exercise your dog ends up walking behind you every time. This step may take a little time but your dog will eventually get it.

The idea is that your dog walks behind you and he knows you are the one in charge.

Choose A Proper Device

There are different types of devices in the market you can look for that can assist you in getting your dog to heel. If you notice in the video above you can see Doggy Dan using a special harness where the attachment is under the dog’s chin. In the traditional harness, the attachment is on the back where the dogs end up pulling like a cart horse.

Keep In Mind The Pack Leader Leads…

Keep in mind that the pack leader leads from the front. So if your dog does not see you as the pack leader in their eyes, your dog will fight for that spot. It’s that simple.

If you have a strong minded determined dog he will fight for the lead and this will result in him pulling on the leash.

Learning to become the pack leader is a topic all on its own in The Online Dog Trainer. This topic is the basis Doggy Dan developed the 5 Golden Rules of his famous training and when followed daily you become the pack leader in a calm and gentle way. 

In the video, Dan emphasizes that you need to establish yourself as the pack leader before starting the training using the 5 Golden Rules. This is very important in solving almost all dog behavior problems.

Plenty of Extra Tips

There are loads of tips and tricks such as understanding when and where to let your dog have some freedom, pee pee and go sniff and more…

If you would like to master the walk you have available in The Online Dog Trainer over 250 videos and 30-minute audio so you can listen while you walk. Also available are 7 excellent videos showing you how to walk your dog correctly and how to deal with every issue.

I think you will appreciate the dog training tips that will surely help you enjoy your walk with your dog and your dog will be happy and walk calmly by your side!

If you want to learn more and take a look around his website, take advantage of the 3 day trial for only $1 HERE.

Thank you for viewing this article. If you have any questions or want to leave your own personal view about this article, leave a comment below.

16 thoughts on “Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On Leash”

  1. That’s quite an interesting read about training your dog to stop pulling on the leash, I see it all too often where the dog is in charge and the person is behind them being lead around by the dog to wherever it wants to go.

    But I’m thinking you would have to teach them this when they’re young as it must be a lot harder when they’re older.

    As well as the video by Doggy Dan, you offer some very sound advice for dog owners if heeded, then it makes for a much more pleasant experience walking the dog rather then hard work.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      It’s best to start the training while they’re puppies but with the methods Doggy Dan uses, the older dogs can be trained as well. I’m glad you found this informative.

      Thank you for viewing my website. You have a pleasant day!

  2. Hi there,
    Oh wow, what a useful article, I was totally absorbed by the reading!
    I have two big dogs, and yes, I have been pulled down so many times that I don’t even want to go out with them anymore. I know, it is sad to hear this, but better this than getting into troubles:) I really want to thank you for all these helpful tips you have mentioned in the article. I will definitely try these out as soon as possible, and I will tell you how it goes:) I have bookmarked your website so I can read more interesting articles later on.
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad you found this information useful and I hope it will help you out greatly.

      You have a pleasant day!

  3. I would like to compliment you on your website it was a delight to be there. I have mostly always had smaller dogs a min pin nowadays. Even with her little seven pounds she would try taking over the walk. Plus she is a runner, you open the door she is gone we would have to walk the neighborhood to find her (she is getting better as she gets older). I will try that calming strategy you recommend because when she see the leash it is on, she’s jumping, spinning and what ever else she can do. she is now 5 years old we started some training when she was a pup and backed off, is it to late to teach old dogs new tricks?


    1. Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I’d have to say your comment was a little amusing, couldn’t help but laugh. I hope you’re not offended by this.

      But to answer your question, no it is not too late to teach an older dog. Dan’s method of teaching is to help all dogs, young and old of all sizes.

      Have a pleasant day!


  4. This is fantastic! I’m going to use this dog walking technique today. My dog loves to lead the way, and I would love to get him to stop doing that. It would be so much more pleasurable to walk him if he would just walk beside me. He’s a golden retriever too, so he’s big.

    I also need to get him to stop jumping on people outside does Doggy Dan help with this on his website? I’ll be trying out the 3 day free trial. Thank you very much!


    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for checking out my website. I’m happy to hear that the information will benefit your issue with dog walking.

      Doggy Dan does provide dog owners training for dogs from jumping on other people. I hope this dog walking technique solves your issue.

      Good luck and have a pleasant day!

  5. Oh….that has happened to me. My dog took me on a run and all I could do was hang on and try to not stumble. While it maybe helped me run a faster 5K, the experience did not make me want to take my dog on walks. So we haven’t gone on any walks or jogs. (I live in the country now so she gets plenty of exercise just running around the ranch. I just can’t her to town.)

    Thanks for sharing the video. It was great to see the lady’s dog doing so much better at the end.

    I like the tip about going the opposite direction that the dogs wants to go.

    I wonder how long it takes to train a dog to not get so excited on a walk or a jog? The main reason I wanted a dog was so that I’d have a jogging partner to keep me safe.

    1. Hi Sondra,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for the comment. The time frame to train a dog for walks doesn’t take long but it also depends on the dog and the owner, time and effort the owner puts in.

      Again, thanks so much. Have a pleasant day!

  6. There are some really great tips here on training my pooch to walk! My puppy is coming up to her 8th Birthday and I’ve noticed that as she’s getting older she wants to stop and sniff more and tends to trip me up when we go for a run. We’ve never formally trained her – do you think it would be too late to start? She’s a schnoodle (half poodle half schnauzer) so quick to pick things up, but as above wonder if it’s too late to start?

    Cheers – Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for the comment. To answer your question, Doggy Dan trains all dogs, young or old and all types. I hope this helps.

      Again, thanks so much. Have a pleasant day!

  7. Hello, wonderful information here, I was very interested in the whole not leaving with the dog while he is excited to go outside. Makes perfect sense! They go out, jump all over the place making it difficult to control them from the beginning. That is an excellent tip that I will definitely try next time, thank you.

    1. Hi Victor,

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and for the comment. I’m glad you found this helpful.

      Again, thanks so much. Have a great day!

  8. Some really good tips here about one of the most troublesome areas of training your pup, the walk.
    We have two puppies yorkie x bichon, they are from the same litter both boys and we’ve been told it’s the worse combination you can have when it comes to training.
    We need all the help we can get especially as the pups are fixated on each other rather than us the so called ‘pack leaders’.
    We have definitely got the calming down part of the walk because both pups just look at us when the harnesses and leashes come out. They seem completely disinterested in going for a walk. They are amazing in the car, very calm but once out of the car, everything changes.
    Both pups weaving in and out, getting under our feet and pulling towards other people and other dogs, barking and whining. What a nightmare. I sincerely hope we can get some good advice here and get these pups listening to us rather than learning bad habits from each other! Thanks for the post. Ches

    1. Hi Ches,

      Oh my, you have your hands full. I have learned through Doggy Dan’s training that Yorkies are a bit difficult to handle because they have a stubbard temperament but they can learn new things. It may take awhile for them to get it but with patience and consistencey you will see the progress.

      I hope this will help. You have a great day!

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